Datacastle Announces Launch of Datacastle Analytics


Seattle, Washington, Nov. 1, 2016 — Datacastle, an enterprise endpoint backup and mobile data security and access leader, today announced the launch of Datacastle Analytics, a product that brings smart data discovery to intellectual property and compliance-intensive enterprises. Datacastle Analytics enables enterprises to take advantage of advanced, intelligent analytics while conducting swift and cost-effective investigations.

“In the past, the enterprise human resources, legal, finance or compliance departments within more regulated and intellectual property-intensive sectors, like healthcare, law, and insurance, have had no way to conduct smart data discovery and gain true insights from investigations, especially in a cost-effective fashion,” said Ron Faith, president and CEO of Datacastle. “Datacastle Analytics brings together the best attributes of the cloud and analytics to provide the solution and scale to change all of that. We’re really excited to bring this next-generation capability to these previously underserved markets.”

“We’re pleased to see Datacastle and its customers benefit from the global scale of Microsoft Azure and take advantage of the powerful analytics capabilities of the Cortana Intelligence Suite,” said Bharat Sandhu, director of product marketing, Data Platform & IoT, Microsoft Corp.

Prior to the Datacastle Analytics launch, enterprise departments, such as legal, HR, finance, compliance, and risk management operating in increasingly complex regulatory and legal environments, could only perform investigations by engaging costly eDiscovery service providers to perform the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) process. Datacastle Analytics now enables traditionally non-analytics-driven departments to enjoy fast and cost-effective smart data discovery featuring key capabilities such as content relationship graphing, content locating, and content propagation, to name just a few. Datacastle Analytics also allows these investigations to be conducted without impacting employee productivity and with employee privacy preserved.

Achievement First, a Datacastle client, is a nonprofit educational organization that currently operates public charter schools. It will be using Datacastle Analytics for in-depth discovery and analysis of student planning documentation dispersed throughout an organizational landscape populated with mobile-equipped aides and practitioners. “We are thrilled to now have this capability thanks to Datacastle Analytics,” said Jason Tavarez, Director of IT of Achievement First. “Richer insights into our endpoint data helps us serve our organization better and provide rapid answers to questions we couldn’t solve without great effort previously.”

About Datacastle
Datacastle provides analytics and insights into enterprise endpoint data while protecting enterprises from mobile data loss and data breach with simplified and scalable hybrid cloud endpoint backup, data protection, and investigation. Datacastle RED provides secure and auditable access to enterprise data on critical devices, anytime, anywhere, while Datacastle Analytics brings the best of the cloud and analytics together to serve the intellectual property and compliance-intensive markets with smart data discovery. To learn more about Datacastle, visit, follow on Twitter @Datacastle, or call 425.996.9684.

Rethinking the endpoint for data protection

endpoint data protection

It wasn’t that long ago when someone said “endpoint data protection” they meant a desktop personal computer or workstation. Today the notion of the “endpoint” has morphed dramatically and requires new solutions such as Datacastle RED to protect company data and embrace the changes users want.

Major changes at the endpoint include mobility, ownership, and cloud services.

When someone says “endpoint” today, they are referring to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Mobile computing devices have very different characteristics than traditional desktops. First, mobile computing devices go lost or stolen at a much greater rate. In 2014, The State of California published a report where 48% of all data breaches involved a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Second, mobile devices roam across multiple networks during the course of the work day. IT needs to have network performance and security that is robust enough working across mobile networks. Intelligent and secure hybrid cloud caching like Datacastle’s QuickCache means LAN speed backup and recovery while still gaining the offsite benefits of the cloud. Third, the users are as mobile as their devices. When they need to recover, it could be anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Secure and easy mobile access to the data found on mobile devices is critical.

Once upon a time, the company bought the desktop computer or workstation that needed to be protected. This meant IT had extensive say as to how to protect the data on these endpoints. Today, there can be a wide range or ownership options where the laptop, tablet, or smartphone may or may not be the property of the company. The intellectual property, customer information and company data that resides on these devices are the property of the company and need to be protected from loss or theft. Companies are in an ongoing, changing environment when dealing with bring your own device (BYOD) challenges. Your endpoint data protection solution needs to be flexible enough to enforce your IT policies even when IT can’t dictate all aspects of the device.

Cloud Services
End users are now storing corporate data not just on mobile devices, but in virtualized cloud file services as well. Services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box are great for productivity and collaboration. IT needs to have policies for whether company data is allowed in these services and have a means to protect the data. IT needs to think of these files sync and share services as virtual devices in the cloud and apply data protection policies just as you would to physical mobile devices.

It is an exciting time. Greater productivity and access to information is being experienced by knowledge workers from their mobile devices and cloud services. IT needs to use tools like Datacastle RED to ensure that their charter around data protection and governance is being met. To learn more about Datacastle RED, go to

Datacastle Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform

Seattle, WA — August 2, 2016 — Datacastle®, a market leader in enterprise endpoint analytics, backup and data protection today announced it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance.
The Enterprise Cloud Alliance provides Datacastle the opportunity to enhance our alliance within Microsoft and increase the awareness of our product portfolio to customers searching for best in class enterprise solutions.

The Enterprise Cloud Alliance is a program for companies who have demonstrated expertise with Microsoft products including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, and Azure Active Directory.

Datacastle CEO, Ron Faith, said, “This announcement comes on the heels of being named again as a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner and reinforces our commitment to delivering integrated solutions with Microsoft products.”

“Being part of the Alliance will provide Datacastle the ability to connect with other partners and developers to meet the unique needs of our growing customer base.” Microsoft Principal PM Manager Chris Lwanga echoed this enthusiasm and said that “We look forward to working with and sharing our ideas with Datacastle for the betterment of enterprise customers.” You can learn more about the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance on the dedicated website.

Datacastle provides analytics and insights into enterprises endpoint data while protecting enterprises from mobile data loss and data breach with simplified and scalable endpoint backup and data protection. Datacastle RED’s hybrid cloud deployment option with Microsoft Azure enables enterprises to rapidly experience LAN-speed performance with the assurance of offsite, cloud-based recoverability and mobile access. Datacastle RED is available in all Microsoft Azure data centers worldwide and is localized in 11 languages.

For more information about Datacastle’s solutions on Microsoft Azure go to

About Datacastle
Datacastle provides analytics and insights into enterprise endpoint data while protecting enterprises from mobile data loss and data breach with simplified and scalable hybrid cloud endpoint backup and data protection. Datacastle RED provides secure and auditable access to enterprise data on critical devices, anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Datacastle RED, visit, follow on Twitter @Datacastle, or call 425.996.9684.

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PC Sales Slump Requires More Endpoint Backup

PC Sales Slump Means More Endpoint Backup

PC Sales Slump Means More Endpoint Backup

There is a counterintuitive trend going on in the marketplace. PC sales of laptops and desktops continue to slide. This plays into the narrative that the “PC is dead” even though laptops and desktops remain the primary productivity and content creation tools with most organizations. Why should companies invest in endpoint backup if PC sales are declining? Surprisingly, behind the numbers, there are important trends that mean companies need cloud-based endpoint backup now more than ever!

IDC has reported one of the contributing factors is the free upgrade of Windows 10. The free upgrade of Windows 10 has led to a disruption in the traditional hardware replacement cycle for desktops and laptops as IT departments are reasonably looking to save budget by extending the life of their endpoint hardware investments. However, the longer companies are holding on to their laptops and desktops increases the likelihood of a hard drive failure and the need for employees to recover their files. Most of these older laptops and desktops have traditional HDD drives rather than the newer SSD drives for storing user files. As published research shows, hard drives fail at a higher rate over time, thus these employees have their important endpoint files on increasingly vulnerable hard drives.

For a small investment, IT departments can save many hours of employee and IT productivity by automatically and silently backing up these aging laptops and desktops to the cloud. Companies save money by deferring their hardware refresh cycle and taking advantage of Windows 10. Increasing the lifespan of these laptops and desktops come with risks that can be effectively mitigated by cloud-based endpoint backup and recovery.

Learn more about how Datacastle RED can meet your endpoint backup and data protection needs.

Datacastle RED and Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform

Datacastle is a proud Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner. Since many of our customers use Datacastle RED for endpoint backup and data protection, the assumption is that Datacastle only uses Microsoft Azure for cloud storage. The reality is that not only do we partner with Microsoft Azure for best in class cloud storage options, but we also use other aspects of the Microsoft Azure platform. One of great capabilities that we use is Microsoft SQL Server.

The main reasons that Datacastle relies on Microsoft SQL Server extensively for Datacastle RED are:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Whether our customer is a small business owner or a large enterprise, they need to know that the metadata associated with their endpoint data protection solution is going to grow and scale with their needs, will use industry leading military class security, and can be trusted to be there in their moment of need.

    Microsoft also provides us a partner to grow with for increasingly advanced capabilities. With Microsoft SQL Server 2016, we are very excited about some of the enhanced capabilities that our customers will be able to take advantage. These new capabilities include casting light on opaque data at the edge of the organization in order to provide insights and answer challenging questions through powerful analytics.

    To learn more about how Datacastle RED and Microsoft SQL Server complement one another to bring businesses one of the best endpoint data backup and protection solutions in the world, download this free e-guide today.

    You can also learn more about Datacastle RED on Microsoft Azure from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

    Keys to a Great Endpoint Data Protection Partnership

    Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform

    At Datacastle, we have seen announcements from our competitors about shifting to channel strategies and wanting to recruit partners. We hear from our partners why these competitors fall well short or “don’t get it” in being a real partner. Being a real partner is more than just putting out a press release and throwing dollars against a partner recruitment program. We thought we would share with the partner community our lessons learned over the years as being the only true channel partner-focused endpoint data protection solution in the marketplace.

    It is best to start with a few really good partners
    We can not tell you how many times we have seen endpoint data protection vendors get the epiphany about needing the channel to be successful after selling directly for years. These vendors then ramp up a channel program by throwing their venture capital money at a channel partner recruitment program to sign up every partner they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, these late converts to the channel find that they are not a good match for most of these partners or can’t invest the necessary time and resources to make those partners successful. These vendors will make an announcement months later to the world (and to their venture capital investors) that they have signed up lots and lots of partners. What they don’t say is that these channel partners are not successful and the results are underwhelming for everyone. Datacastle has always focused on identifying the best partners by geography, industry, customer size, or practice expertise and then invest in that partnership. Once you have successful partners, new partners and growth will come over time and through hard work.

    Invest in your partner
    What does “invest in your partner” really mean? It means feed your new channel partner with leads that you generate rather than keeping them for yourself. It means performing sales and technical training for the partner. It means going on their first sales calls with them. It means arming the partner with all the sales tools and extending promotions to them. It means asking the partner to also invest in the relationship through the commitment of resources. All too often we see vendors sign up a partner, throw some product collateral and a price card over the wall, and tell the “partner” to let them know when they have an order. This is not investing in the partnership. When you see a vendor say that they have signed up thousands and thousands of partners, ask yourself if they have really invested in all those partnerships to make them successful.

    Understand your partner’s reality
    Datacastle assumes that all endpoint data protection partners have existing businesses. That may not sound revolutionary, but many of our competitors think partners exist for the vendor’s benefit. Some partners are MSP’s, some are traditional storage/backup resellers, some are business continuity/disaster recovery specialists, and some are data security or data governance experts. All of these types of partners have different realities to their world view about how they make money, the value proposition to their customers, and their expectations from the partnership. The partner’s reality manifests itself in the need for flexible branding, multi-tenancy, and different deployment options. Build relationships with partners where you are “a fit” and align with their reality, not the other way around. For example, Datacastle is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner. We have spent years understanding the Microsoft cloud ecosystem really well and understand the world view of the different players in the ecosystem. It is a rich, complex ecosystem. Simply signing up to be an Azure vendor and make a press release isn’t going to lead to success with this ecosystem. We even see some competitors tout their Microsoft Azure relationship and then frequently steer customers into a rival cloud like Amazon AWS and hurting the Microsoft partner in the process.

    International partners have additional needs
    Datacastle takes great pride in our relationships with international partners. Datacastle RED is localized in 11 languages to meet the unique language needs of the users. But it doesn’t stop there. International partners have data jurisdiction and regulatory challenges, data center and connectivity challenges, and finally their customers may not have robust connectivity infrastructure. For some markets, partnering with local MSP’s works best. In other markets, partners taking advantage of Microsoft’s worldwide Azure data center build out makes sense. It should be the partners’ decision. Also having hybrid cloud technology like QuickCaches makes deployments in connectivity challenged parts of the world the most reliable and cost effective answer.

    Complexity kills partnerships
    Complex pricing models, rules of engagement, and incentive models yields more problems in a partnership than not. For a partner, the value proposition of your solution needs to be simple and well understood. Endpoint data protection is actually a pretty straight forward value proposition for a partner to engage with a customer around. Complicating it with a bunch of additional features that aren’t best in class just makes it complicated for the partner. Are you a half-assed cloud file sync and share solution? Are you a stripped down server backup offering (when most partners already have a mature server backup offering)? Datacastle RED is best in class at performance, resiliency, and storage efficiency if you want to protect your customers’ end users against ransomware, data loss, or data breach on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The Datacastle RED value proposition is simple so partners can sell it cleanly. Datacastle manages the technology complexity needed to deliver on the value proposition. We also have the proof of industry leading analysts to back up the claim.

    Large, direct sales forces need to be fed
    Many venture capital based endpoint data protection vendors in our space started off with direct sales forces and they have grown those sales forces over time. Large, direct sales forces need to be fed with leads and deal flow. This creates natural tensions with reseller partners. As a partner, if your endpoint data protection vendor has a large direct sales force, run the other way!

    Provide a compelling future for the partnership
    Partners rightfully take great pride in the businesses they have grown. They are invested in their businesses for the long run. They want to know how Datacastle’s product roadmap provides a compelling vision for how they are going to deepen the relationship they have with their customers. For example, we have been sharing our vision for rich analytics services that partners will be able to provide to their customers. This best in class analytics capability will add value to the customer relationship and how partners can procure more wallet share by providing more value. Different partners have customers that will take advantage of analytics from their endpoint data in different ways. Its important to listen and then make it simple for how partners can sell the new value to their customers.

    Datacastle is totally committed to our partners. Sales through channel partners is not our growth “strategy of the week” to please venture investors. It is how we have had success to date and it is how we will continue to have success in the future. We help our partners have a growing, profitable endpoint data protection line of business. We help them exceed the expectations of their customers. At Datacastle, it is embedded in our DNA that our success is predicated on our partner’s success. We do not view partners as a means by which to fuel growth to keep our venture investors happy. To learn more about Datacastle and our approach to partners, please go to to learn more.

    Acquisition and Integration Lessons Learned


    As many of you know, Datacastle acquired EVault Endpoint Protection from Seagate earlier this year. Integrating an acquisition is difficult and can often fail to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Our management team has good, hard-won experience from previous successful acquisitions. We are now a couple of months into the integration of the business into Datacastle and thought we would share a few observations.

    The Cloud is an Operations Enabler
    Datacastle needed to bring petabytes of precious customer and partner backup data under Datacastle’s direct management. The data was located in multiple jurisdictions all over the world. Fortunately, most of that data was in Microsoft Azure. By being in a large public cloud with a global footprint like Microsoft Azure, it made the process of transfer much easier than it would have been otherwise. We have heard horror stories of other companies trying to move large amounts of backup storage physically with assets potentially getting lost or damaged in the process. As our competitors know all to well, data stored in “private clouds” makes such data center transfers difficult or filled with additional risk. Managing petabytes of data in large, enterprise-class public clouds provides all stakeholders better operational flexibility and assurances.

    Welcome Customers and Partners with High Information Onboarding Processes
    Partners and customers don’t like the unknown. When a vendor relationship changes, it is critical to treat each customer and partner as if they are a brand new customer or partner, even if they have been using the product/service for years. Customer and partner communications, education, and expectation setting is critical. Don’t assume you understand the customer/partner motivations and what they value most about the product/service. It is the responsibility of the acquirer to go the extra mile to get the relationship off on the right foot. We have been pleasantly overwhelmed by the positive response from customers and partners so far. We will continue to work hard to establish expectations and exceed those expectations. By aggressively communicating with customers and partners, it also level-sets their knowledge and expectations from the product/service. For example, many customers and partners needed to be brought up to speed about the strengths of Datacastle RED and what sets us apart. Our most recent report that included Gartner research enabled customers and partners to quickly understand the benefits of best in class performance, resilience, and storage efficiency.

    Assume it Takes Longer than Planned
    While the legal and financial transaction side of an acquisition can happen quite quickly, the operational, people/organizational, and back office changes can take a while to work out the kinks. For example, while the service operations cut over very quickly for us because of the public cloud other aspects have taken longer than desired. When acquiring customers and partners from all over the world, new preferences for payments, reporting, and face to face interactions can take a little longer to accommodate. You have to prepare your employees that there is a bow wave of activity to work through before you get back to “normal” operations. Putting in the time and effort up front will save resources later and increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction.

    The smoothness of the EVault Endpoint Protection integration thus far has exceeded our expectations. We have found the partners and customers to be truly amazing. We know there is still work ahead for us to be fully through the process. We appreciate the patience and commitment of our employees, customers, and partners as we take the business and our relationships to a higher level.

    Datacastle Acquires EVault Endpoint Protection Assets


    SEATTLE, Feb. 23, 2016 — Datacastle, a leading provider of enterprise endpoint backup, archiving, and insights, today announced it has acquired the worldwide endpoint data protection assets of Seagate Technology.

    “Datacastle is excited to be working directly with EVault Endpoint Protection partners and customers to continue to provide the best solution in terms of performance, resiliency, and storage efficiency in the industry.” said Ron Faith, President and CEO of Datacastle. “Datacastle’s proven technology, worldwide partner network, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner status means our customers’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones will be well protected for years to come.”

    VaultLogix is a leader in cloud backup and recovery solutions in North America with over 11,000 businesses that we protect,” said Scott Kelly, VP of Product Management of VaultLogix.  “As an Endpoint Protection partner we are excited that Datacastle will be providing exceptional technology, service and support to our organization as we continue to grow our endpoint protection offering.”

    EVault Endpoint Protection had been an OEM offering from Datacastle since 2010. There will be no disruption of service or support for any Endpoint Protection customers or partners as a result of this transaction.

    Endpoint Protection customers will receive the latest upgrade of Datacastle RED as part of the transaction. New features include:
    • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Compatibility
    • Mobile Dashboard
    • iOS Support
    • Android Support
    • Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan Support

    About Datacastle

    Datacastle protects enterprises from mobile data loss and data breach with simplified and scalable hybrid cloud endpoint backup, archiving, and insights. Datacastle RED provides secure and auditable access to enterprise data on critical devices, anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Datacastle RED, visit, follow on Twitter @Datacastle, or call 425.996.9684.

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    Airbags and Endpoint Data Protection

    Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform

    Recently there was much discussion in Davos Switzerland about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The key characteristics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is speed, connectivity, and change. But as with all major changes, there needs to be some countervailing forces to prevent extremes from ruining the revolution. When automobiles started traveling at faster and faster speeds, they became dangerous for their drivers and passengers. The answer wasn’t to cripple the automobile from traveling at higher speeds. The answer was first seat belts and then ultimately air bags that made traveling at higher speeds safer.

    Endpoint data protection is to the mobile workforce what airbags are to faster automobiles. Your mobile workforce is traveling with greater speed, connectivity, and change. This means the risk of data loss, data breach, and mobile workforce productivity disruption becomes more and more likely from lost or stolen laptops, smartphones and tablets. The answer isn’t to place greater restrictions on your mobile workforce and reduce productivity. Rather, the best thing to do is make your mobile workforce data safer through continuous offsite backup, remote data delete, and end to end encryption and key management.

    Making it safer for your mobile workforce doesn’t end there. You need to be able to anticipate the growing dangers to your mobile workforce. One of the reasons Datacastle is a Gold Cloud Platform partner with Microsoft is because of the investments Microsoft is making in analytics and fighting cybercrime. For Datacastle customers on Azure, as Microsoft raises the bar on cybercrime intelligence and analytics, they will reap the benefits from our partnership.

    If you wouldn’t send your workforce out in cars that didn’t have seat belts or airbags, you shouldn’t send your mobile workforce into the field without enterprise-class endpoint data protection based on world-class cloud security technology.

    To learn more about how you can provide “airbags” for your mobile workforce data, go to .

    Datacastle Predictions and Year in Review


    It is that week of the year again where we see a lot of predictions for the year to come and a review of the year that has been. At Datacastle, we believe it is important to learn from what has happened in the past year and celebrate our successes. At the same time we think you need to be looking forward and aware of coming changes so you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities and avert new threats.

    With that said, when you are in the data protection business, you need to have most of your attention in the present. Business continuity and resiliency is critical, so we thought we would list out the trends that not only were big in 2015 but will have continuity into 2016.

    2015 saw a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks and unfortunately we believe it will continue to grow and morph in 2016. While you should be using anti-malware as your first line of defense, Datacastle is seeing significant demand in using cloud-based endpoint backup and data protection as the last line of defense. You should always be able to recover your data from your endpoints at any time from anywhere. Never be in a position where you have to pay the bad guys.

    Cloud Adoption
    The adoption of the cloud by enterprise IT has had a steady and growing march forward in 2015 and all indications are that this will accelerate in 2016. Cloud backup is already one of the most popular workloads to make its way to the cloud. Investment in reliable, large public clouds by leaders such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, and Amazon AWS are bringing down the concerns and objections surrounding security and reliability.

    Performance Matters
    As we saw in the most recent Gartner report on Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup, performance remains one of the top considerations when evaluating a cloud-based backup solution. Datacastle RED has been recognized as #1 in performance once again. Datacastle has been the leader in enterprise endpoint backup performance in 2015 and will continue to be the leader in 2016.

    Analytics, Insights, and Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence (BI) was the #1 priority for enterprise IT in 2015 and is predicted to be the same in 2016. Increasingly, Datacastle customers are expressing interest to leverage their endpoint backup data for insights and analytics about their workforce. With the emergence of big data techniques that have matured and come down in cost, Datacastle is now in a position to deliver on the aspirations of these customers.

    2015 was a great year for Datacastle, our customers, and our partners. We believe 2016 will be even brighter as we capitalize on new opportunities and thwart new threats to our customers’ endpoint data. We hope that all of our customers, partners, and employees have a very prosperous 2016.