Datacastle RED is ready for Windows 8 Tablets! Are you?

Microsoft is about to formally release Windows 8 to the world within a month. Intel just announced a wave of new tablets based on their Atom processor and Windows 8. These tablets are being launched by partners such as Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, and HP. It is important to realize that these tablets will be full blown PC’s. While Ultrabooks are taking an evolutionary approach to the changing PC/laptop form-factor,  these Windows 8 tablets will be a more radical change. In a single device, you will have the continuity of your current laptop environment with the added mobility and convenience that iPad users experience. With such a change comes great opportunity as well as new data protection challenges.

These Windows 8 tablets may be more attractive to corporate IT than their iOS and Android cousins because of application compatibility and Active Directory support. Tablets are more mobile and can be used in more casual settings than laptops and desktops. While this enables greater round-the-clock productivity, it also results in a greater likelihood of theft or loss just as is experienced with smart phones. Protecting the data on these new Windows 8 tablets will be critical for IT and Datacastle RED is ready on day one.

So what should IT professionals be thinking about when protecting these new Windows 8 tablets? Here are a few thoughts:

  • The business files on these tablets need to be backed up and protected continuously with no end user friction
  • The backup and recovery solution should be sensitive to the different networks used by these devices
  • Data should be encrypted at rest on Windows 8 tablets
  • Data should be able to be remotely destroyed if the tablet is lost or stolen
  • Data protected on the tablet should be securely accessible (and audited) from users’ other smart phones, laptops, or desktops PC’s
  • You should be able to trace a lost or stolen Windows 8 tablet

If you would like to learn more about how to best protect data on your new Windows 8 tablets and get ahead of the data protection curve, feel free to contact us at